Preview: Le Salon de Musique, Schubert Piano Trios, Upstairs at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 4pm, Dec 9 2012 (Highly Recommended)

The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, home of the Le Salon de Musique concert series

by Rosemary McGuinness
L.A. Opening NightsThe third concert in the Le Salon de Musique series, highly acclaimed for its unique viewing experience, will feature Schubert’s Piano Trios, performed by world class musicians Searmi Park, John Walz and Francois Chouchan.

The original Salon de Musique was one of Marie Antoinette’s better ideas. Tucked away on a man-made island somewhere in the scrupulously groomed gardens of Versailles, the unassuming little building housed small, intimate chamber music performances for only the Queen’s close friends. In those years, not exactly restful for the French monarchy, the casual setting allowed the Queen an escape, a place to relax the formal rigidity of Versailles etiquette and fully embrace the experience of being among good friends and good music. Today, Marie Antoinette’s Salon is the precedent for pianist Francois Chouchan’s chamber music series, now in its third season. On this evening in December, Chouchan will be joined by violinist Searmi Park and cellist John Walz to perform two Schubert Piano Trios. The presentation is charming. Chouchan describes it as a “without walls” approach, as the usual barrier between performers and audience is eliminated, along with the stage. After the performance, the audience and the musicians share champagne and a gourmet buffet and discuss the music they have just experienced together.

Francois Chouchan

If the setting of this concert seeks to recreate the atmosphere of times gone by, the music selected for this afternoon’s program continues this sense of looking back into the past. Of Schubert’s style in general, Albert Einstein remarked that, “The feeling that he inspires in later ages is an infinite longing for a lost paradise of purity, spontaneity, and innocence.” Schubert’s two piano trios, both composed in the last years of his life, will no doubt make for lively discussion, as together they cover such a broad emotional spectrum. Robert Schumann noted their contrasting moods, characterizing the first trio in B-flat as, “passive, feminine, lyrical” and the second in E-flat as, “active, masculine, dramatic.”With said lyricism and drama shared quite equally among the three instruments, each musician will be afforded ample opportunity to air their considerable talent; Searmi Park has been a member of the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra since 2001 and also performs with the LA Philharmonic, LA Opera Orchestra, and Pacific Symphony. John Walz has appeared as a soloist with over 150 orchestras and founded the Pacific Trio in 1979. In this Salon, Franz Schubert—who struggled with poverty and saw little of his work published in his lifetime—finds himself in very good company indeed.

$65.00 Per Person l $45.00 For Students

(includes Champagne & Food)

To Purchase Tickets call 310.498.0257 or Purchase Tickets Online:

Limited Seating Available



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